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Hallo Hallo!! Gooodbye Gooodbye!!

We are serenaded by the children running toward us as we pedal through the countryside “hallo hallo!! Gooodbye gooodbye!!” They break into a fit of giggles as we greet them and cruise on past, our hearts warm with the welcome … Continue reading

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A Different Sense of Space

We have been poked, pushed, prodded and patted, and our bikes have been used as a coat and purse hanger.  Touching is how the Vietnamese express themselves, and when they are excited (to see we are biking, to get on a bus, etc) … Continue reading

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Moving on from Saigon

“Saving face” is an interesting part of the culture in Vietnam, and we are convinced that is the only way the traffic works here.  The roads in Saigon are congested with motos and cars, all merging and flowing along seemingly smoothly without traffic … Continue reading

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