Moving on from Saigon

“Saving face” is an interesting part of the culture in Vietnam, and we are convinced that is the only way the traffic works here.  The roads in Saigon are congested with motos and cars, all merging and flowing along seemingly smoothly without traffic signs or lights to guide them.  A few honks, but everyone seems stoic and composed. Crossing the street on foot is another matter. We could be safe and stay on the block where we slept, or venture out and see the city.  Just make a move to cross – don’t stop, don’t slow down, and best not to panic with the oncoming traffic flowing around you. Just go at an even pace with a little faith and you will reach the other curb safely.  After a few times, it becomes second hand and you don’t think twice about it, but those first few times were fairly stressful.  After a few days in Saigon (and with the bikes still in the boxes) we took an overnight train to Nha Trang – a busy city on the South China Sea, where we are putting the bikes together this morning.  Our train tickets said we were prohibited from bringing fish sauce, dried fish or durian (a revered fruit) along as they are too smelly, so we left all that in Saigon.  It is actually the monsoon season here in central Vietnam, and they just experienced 4 days of the worst flooding in 50 years.  Mud slides, houses swept away, and the water is completely churned up in the sea.  It is sunny out today, but the locals are still recovering from the rains last week.    We discovered a beach club yesterday with a delicious pool and comfortable chairs, so after another day or 2 hanging out, we might like to get up and go and actually start this bike trip properly!

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11 Responses to Moving on from Saigon

  1. JOY says:

    So fantatic that you have arrived and will be starting to cycle…I can still remember our first day in Haliax getting our bikes together, shopping for food in what was another world to me(Canada) but for you….! Much love…enjoy every flower you see and very mile you cycle! Much love

  2. ginny says:

    good to hear you have arrived safely—fabulous photos!

    glad the sun is shining for you–evb

  3. Stacy Kutter says:

    Judy! It looks AMAZING!! Thanks for posting a report so quickly and can’t wait to hear more! Safe travels….be sure to use all the bike parts… haha 🙂 xo Stacy

  4. Jacquie says:

    I LOVE your blog! So wonderful to be with you in this way. I’m glad you arrived safely – I hope it goes well today getting underway!

  5. Susan says:

    Hey Judy and Dan
    what a great start to your adventure. I remember from Jules – Vietnam was all about motos, lots and fast. Not a great mix for bikes I guess. But on to sun and beaches!! Happy cycling and will be fun to see your next post. By the way, Alex is a grandma to Lucy!!

  6. Ginger says:

    I think you have already accomplished a lot by bravely crossing the street!

  7. mary kay mclane says:

    How adventurous you both are. Glad you are ther safely and ready to roll. Enjoy every day and forget the”maps” but everyone from RM is watching your trip.

  8. Ruth Licht says:

    Traffic sounded like Cairo. The photos of the women on the beach are beautiful. Stay away from the volcanoes. Love ya

  9. John Stark says:

    Hi guys sounds like the trip is going well. Did you go to the nude beach in Nha Trang?

  10. Cher Rinder says:

    Hi Dan & Judy – Can’t wait to read more and more on your blog. I’m agree with Ginny – crossing the street sounded like an adventure!
    I hope you got the bikes together and are safely on the road. Stay dry and keep it between the ditches.
    love, Cher

    PS: i miss my morning visit!!

  11. Kathleen says:

    Really fun to see your pictures and hear what it’s like! I’ll look forward to reading/seeing more. Stay safe. XOXO

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